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Famously asked questions

Gold Coast, Australia. G'day mate.

Where is Readcity HQ?

Famously asked questions

Whether you’re just starting out, growing an established brand or stepping away from doing all the things, I offer copywriting packages for you at any stage of business. Ready to rock? Check ‘em out!

What's with the stages?

Famously asked questions

Sure can, rocket man! A little thing called the internizzle makes it super easy (and fun!) for us to work together wherever you are.

Readcity has renegades all over the world – Macau, London, Manchester, France, Italy and USA to name a few.

I don't live in Australia. Can we still work together?

Famously asked questions

I’m no rock star, you are! And together we’re one helluva duo.

You = rock star!
Dan = brand tour manager!
Crowd = your killer audience!
Bar band = finding your sound (voice)
Opening act = finding your stage (website)
Headliner = selling to stadiums (launch copywriting)

As your brand’s tour manager, I rock your copy, so you can confidently knee-slide under the spotlight as the ultimate rock star of your brand.

I don't geddit. Are you telling me you're a rock star and I'm in the crowd?

Famously asked questions

Larry and Lemmy (Lemmy’s the cute one). They’re the two best friends that anyone could ever ask for and each gets a meat pie on their birthday. Larry is named after Larry Emdur (duh!) and Lemmy is named after Lemmy Kilmister. You can get to know them over on Instagram. Look me up – @readcity

Dan, your cats are so cute. What are their names and pics plz

Famously asked questions

Please don't ask me hard questions.

How many margaritas have you drunk in one sitting?

You ask 'em, I answer 'em
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Welcome friend! Pull up a seat and stay for awhile. Dream bigger. Do bigger.

HELLO. I'm Audrey.