Take the Leap (Trust Me)

Do you wake to your alarm each morning with the dreaded thought of “not again” beating at the insides of your skull?  

Rolling out of bed and dragging yourself to the kitchen, are you watching the kettle boil with dreary eyes and a foggy mind- wishing that your day would wander down a new, less predictable path? Do you take the long route to work just so you can savour a few extra minutes before pushing open office doors?  Maybe you’ve made a convenient friendship with the receptionist whose small talk enables you to procrastinate the beginning of your working day.

If you answered yes to some or all of the questions above, then this article is for you.

Following personal discussions with family and friends, I discovered that a surprisingly large amount of people believe that nobody likes their job and everyone just gets on with it.  I was incredibly heartbroken to hear these words spill from the mouths of some of the most talented people I know, as though they were matter of fact actualities.   I could tell from the tone of their voices that they had already come to terms with this fate.

How could it be that some of the most intelligent, creative and charismatic people I know are willing to settle for less?  I thought, bewildered and confused.

You see, I too was recently a slave to The Man.  Working 9-5 Monday to Friday on the clock, significant hours off the clock, all while completing countless work related obligations on my weekends too.  I considered leaving my job and romanticised days seeking a more fulfilling existence.  Forever a realist, my biggest concerns surrounded the impracticality of leaving a steady job with a stable income for a world heavily sprinkled with the unknown.  Actually, it was more than a sprinkling.  The unknown was, to me, like when you accidentally pour too many coriander seeds into a meal and at first you don’t think there are that many, but the further you dig, you find that there are far more than you think you can count and the meal is one hundred per cent inedible (can you see why I was so hesitant of the unknown?).  Naturally, I was unsure of what the extremities of the unknown would be and if I would come out the other end alive.

I have since left my job and begun my own business.  And I’ll let you in on a little secret- I have never felt so alive!  Willingly stepping into the unknown has been the best decision I have made in all of my existence- to date.  In a world of opportunities, where our only limits are our imaginations, we would be mad to settle-and for what?

Go on take the leap (trust me).

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