Five Ways To Tell If You’re Killing It- Business Style

Picture this- you’ve done it.  You’ve bitten the bullet and followed your dreams.  Finally your business fuelled fantasies have come alive!  But you’ve stopped for a second.  Thought.  Pondered the last three years and wondered-  am I killing it?

It’s easy to think short term and celebrate immediate successes when starting out in the world of business.  But when we’re first embarking on our entrepreneurial adventures, we can lose sight of the bigger picture.  Don’t get me wrong- we must all celebrate all successes, no matter their size.  But how can you predict that your business is in the market for the long run?

Here we bring you five simple indicators to consider when asking yourself if you are in fact, killing it.

1. Customer Love

Does that new young Mum pop into your cafe a couple of times a week, hair a mess and singlet on inside out?  Yet still, she flashes you a smile.  And she makes herself comfy by the window, like she does everytime.  Maybe you’ve received that pleasantly surprised look on a regulars face when you finish their sentence of:

“A skinny flat white with a shot of hazelnut syrup and–”

“Two sugars.”

Or if you run a fashion business and are tagged by a customer in an instagram post “getting festival ready- love my new two piece!”  In the fashion world- this is huge.  Some one is choosing your designs to wear to a festival- say whaat?

It is the smallest gestures by customers that let you know you’re doing alright, and they’re choosing your business over others.

2. Star Studded Staff

Maybe you have employed a few people to help out with the business or perhaps you work in the service industry.  If you’re only just starting out and haven’t reached this stage yet, do not fret- remember you are a valuable asset to the business too!  Your business may not even require staff other than yourself so you’re focussing on your own attitudes to work.

Lazy staff?  Perhaps they aren’t feeling what your business is all about.  Enthusiastic go-getters?  A better response.  Staff who bring ideas to the table, give feedback on services and want to get more involved?  Fantastic.  Remember that little saying:

“Happy staff happy life.”

Okay, maybe I’ve rejigged another saying, but you get the idea.  If you’re home to a team of superstars who are willing to go the extra mile, you betcha they believe in your business too.

3. Benchmarking, Baby

Sizing up your competition is healthy.  Really.  This is a great way to see how you are stacking up against other businesses in your field.  The ATO has a great tool to give you a rough idea of where your business sits, compared to others.  This is a good practice for any business looking to up the ante and stand out from the crowd.  And when starting out, you can work towards these standards or use them as a guide.  You do you.

4. Piggy Bank Boogie

Unfortunately we business owners can’t survive on passion alone.  Obviously making some dosh is the ultimate goal (to be frank).  Maybe you’ve noticed an increase in sales or views to your site.  Perhaps your promo this month brought more customers to your store.  As we are all well aware, making sales takes hard work and determination- the stock or service does not simply sell itself!  If you can see a positive change in your sales, no matter the size, you’ll no doubt feel all kinds of ‘yas’ about where you’re headed.

5. THAT feeling

All specifics aside, nothing can beat THAT feeling.  The feeling of certainty.  As though  you should have been doing this your whole life.  Completing a project and immediately filling up with a deep sense of accomplishment.  Coming home to your family and knowing that your life is taking the right path.  What’s better than that?

Do you know of other indicators that show you you’re killing it?  Let us know in the comments below!

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