What New Idea Will You Bring To Your Business Today?

While embarking on the unpredictable road to a career in freelance writing, I have questioned many routes.  It would be all too easy to simply discover your calling, follow it into a dark cave and find a candle hidden in a thin crevasse- let alone the flint as well.  But aren’t we all in hope that the flint will be in our pocket and that we will gently trip on the candle as we slowly make our way down evenly spaced steps?  Unfortunately the chances of this are next to none (except if you are in fact, a flint manufacturer and the cave is actually an abandoned candle factory).*

As a business owner, you are all too familiar with the pressures of managing staff, customers, finances, decor, produce and suppliers- let alone thinking up new ideas to try out everyday.  I have found it difficult enough to think up new things to try each day in my regular life.  Some examples are:  Gargling coconut oil (an ancient Chinese germ conjuring remedy), saying “yes” to everything (even promises of free things online), counting each step I take so that they always end on even digits or shakily performing yoga in my lounge room.  These new personal challenges can become difficult to keep up with and may lead to your friends questioning  your sanity.  I mean, all is well until your surprise visitor walks in on you covered in coconut oil, violently entering every online competition offered in a downward dog position, pedalling your feet and repeating “1, 2…1, 2..”  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My point?  When thinking up new ideas for your business, start off small.  Make sure these small steps of experimentation aren’t adding to your stresses and are more of a welcomed escape.  You might try a new tag on an instagram post or sign up to a new networking site.  Maybe you won’t have time to try something new every day and instead scale it back to a weekly activity.  Some things will benefit you (like the yoga did me) and some things won’t (like the step thing), but the only way you’ll find out is if you give it a go.  And in the words of Australia’s sweetheart herself:

“(You were) born to try”– Delta Goodrem

So, what are you going to try today?  Let us know in the comment box below.

*Please note:  I only used the word flint as it sounded nicer than matches or a lighter.  I have a terrible habit of romanticising words no matter my familiarity with them.  Does anyone even use flint any more?

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