Chip the Teacup model reads up on etiquette

Social Media Sins: Are You Failing Online Etiquette?

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter… Goodness me!  There are so many social media platforms these days, it’s hard to keep up with all of the do’s and dont’s.  Fear not, my online friend- your digital napkin will be perfectly folded on your knee pixels in no time.  See if you’re committing internet courtesy crimes by checking out our sin list below.

You Post and Don’t Credit

Saw a photo online and liked the look of it?  A quick screenshot, crop and click of a button- tada, it’s on your site!  You think nothing of it and wait for the likes to flow in, like your perfectly poured glass of champagne.  That’s fine, right? WRONG.  This is one of the most common faux pas we see.  Use your manners!

Just like you, some one else it out there slaving away over a hot kiln oven, sweat dripping onto an old shovel, bringing their creations in and out of the DIY conveyer belt.  Okay, maybe we are past those days.  But someone did work incredibly hard for who knows how many hours to create that zippy one liner and lavender crochet combo.  Tag their company in the image (like you would a person) or mention their business in your image description.  Not only is this an honest way to conduct yourself, it’s also a great way to network.  Who knows what admiration of someone elses work could lead to- perhaps a new centrepiece for your perfectly laid out dinner party table (you know, the one that’s only used for dinner parties).

You Ask Other People to Like Your Posts

Commenting on anyone and everyone’s posts with cardboard copy comments such as “wow, love it!  Like for like?” Yuck!  It’s similar to walking up to a stranger, paying them a compliment about their cool hat and asking them to give you a compliment back.  It’s uncomfortable and rude.  Nobody likes a spammer.  Nobody!  Same goes for “increase your likes” apps where you can pay for more likes on your images and increase followers to your sites.  Not only does this leave a bad taste in our mouths, but how will you truly see how your business is performing if all of your likes are phony?  Stick to genuine likes, followers and connections to maintain a reputable name in the onlinesphere.

All of Your Content Belongs to Someone Else

Unoriginality is like slurping your soup from the bowl at a fancy dinner party.  Just don’t do it!  Sure a few reposts here and there are fine-  it’s wonderful to embrace other people’s styles.  But none of your own content or images?  Why would a viewer return?  In the big picture, you want to give your target audience something more, something different, something YOU- don’t you?  How can you achieve that without a little uniqueness?  Dig deep, whether it’s while you’re running on the beach or at 3am wide awake in bed.  Think of what you want to give to your audience, and how you can stand apart from your competitors.  After all, you can’t fake perfect posture.

Have you been making these online sins?  Do you know of any others?  Let us know what you think in the comments.

Catch you (for a scone) later!

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