Free apps for small businesses

Free Apps for Small Businesses 2017

Sliding further from paper backs and into a realm of technology, inevitable.  Kicking and screaming all the way to the App store, uncredible. Embracing tech and using it to your advantage, intelligible.  That did all sound a bit like a Mastercard ad, but you know what I mean.

Apps are hugely popular in the business world.  However, often you’ll be asked to sign up for a monthly fee and then a few extra dollars for an upgrade and before you know it, you’re paying $60 a month for an online calculator.  Here we will bring you the best free Apps available to small business owners (you can thank us later).


This simple, free invoice software is specifically designed for entrepreneurs on the go.  It allows you to customise invoices to the needs of your business, reminds you when an invoice is overdue or paid and doubles as an address book.  You can pre-enter items that you plan on invoicing to make the process easy-peasy.  If you choose to sync up credit card payment, you’ll be stung by a 2.9% charge plus 30c per transaction.  I would suggest organising another form of payment outside of the app to avoid charges!


This Android app tracks your deliveries.  Scan QR labels with your phone for a list of contents and access the app via mobile website for Apple users.  This app is perfect for the busy business owner who needs to quickly know where to put their stock as it comes through the door, without reading through individual invoices or tearing open each package (yuck).


Deputy is an incredible time-saving app.  Create, change and update rosters with the swipe of a finger.  Enter employee scheduling, and get employees to fill their own shifts if they’re unavailable.  It’s incredibly easy to keep your team in the know with it’s group chat-styled feature.  Share business updates quickly without having to email each individual employee or pray that they read the print out in the lunch room.  Even assign tasks to your employees and get notified once they’re completed- no more chasing up Rebecca to “put out the standing sign first thing in the morning.”  You can also see who is at work and approve their time-in and time-out records.  Okay so, you can have a trial for free but once signed up, pay $1 per month (we cheated a little, but it’s close enough to free and D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y worth it!).

These apps are essential for any business, especially if you’re a busy bee (like I know you are!).  Take advantage of technology and save yourself energy.  Then use that energy to walk down to your favourite pond and relaaaax.

What do you think of these apps?  Do you have any other free apps you would recommend to small business owners?  Let us know in the comments below!


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