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Branding: Why it’s okay to be a Kmart or a Kardashian

Kmart or Kardashian.  Which of the two does your business identify with?  Or more importantly, which company’s branding is most similar to yours? 

In a world engulfed by advertising, technology and expensive marketing campaigns, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when endeavoring into the world of business branding.  More specifically your unique business branding.

great lounge
Michelle Halford, Founder of The Design Chaser, is known for her recognisable minimalist brand.  Check out her other images here

Interior Decorators display drool worthy monochromatic images on Instagram; Perfectly placed pot plants and woven hand made blankets sprawling playfully over an ash couch.  These effortlessly perfect pictures may have you racing to your nearest timbre store.

But step back for a moment.  Think of the bigger picture.  Your picture.  Return, and re-assess.  Maybe you run a mobile children’s party business or a costume make up company.  These monochromatic dreamy pics aren’t relevant to you- or your brand.  Although we can envy and be inspired by the brands of others, it is important to stay true to our own branding and what our businesses represent.

  • When was the last time you evaluated your personal branding style?
  • Who are you targeting and how do you appeal to your targets through branding?
  • Do you have a clear vision of what your business stands for?
  • What or who does your business represent?

Whether you provide an affordable service to parents or luxury products to millionaires, your company’s recognizability  lays within your personal branding.  This includes your confidence within this branding.

Kmart provides affordable items for a range of customers.  A main focus of Kmart’s brand is their low prices on everyday products.  When juxtaposed with the Kardashian brand, which is associated more closely with high end accessories, the personal brandings vary.  The confidence that Kmart holds for their own brand is just as strong as the bravado held by the Kardashians.  Why?  Because individual branding creates individual markets.  To ensure your business is unique within your market, a strong emphasis on branding is paramount.

So whether you’re making homemade birthday cards or customising jewelry, own your branding, stand tall and walk with a swagger- like a Kardashian.

What are your thoughts on branding?  How important do you think personal branding is for a company?  Let us know in the comments below!

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