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Chrissy Keepence: Swing Dance Teacher, Entrepreneur and Fashionista- Eat Your Heart Out!

Throughout your life you’ll meet people who are simply unlike anyone you’ve ever come across before.  Maybe it’s in the way they carry themselves, their exuberance or unique storytelling voice.  Perhaps they’re passionate in ways you’ve never seen or more quick witted than a comedian in their prime.  Well, Chrissy is all of the above.  Vivacious, charming, caring and creative.  Mistress Chrissy co-teaches Swing Dancing with her husband, runs vintage styling workshops nationwide, is founder and owner of The Lindy Charm School For Girls and is also our Community Ambassador for Ovarian Cancer.  Somehow amidst this all of this work and chaos, Chrissy found the time to answer a few questions I had for her about business!

Chrissy Keepence
Chrissy shining like a diamond. Photo: Brooke Orchard Photography

Tell me a little bit about your business The Lindy Charm School For Girls..

“Although being involved in “The Scene” through Vintage Collection/Styling and Dancing for the past 20 years, the Lindy Charm School for Girls was a natural progression from teaching my own dance students how to re-create and style themselves based on the swing era which was the music they were predominately dancing to…These home based “Styling days” became so popular that I decided to take it on the road and share/spread the knowledge round Australian & New Zealand and more recently in the US.  Everyone starts from a different place but most people seeking out a Vintage Lifestyle usually have a bit of an old soul to start with and have a penchant for the history of old. I grew up with the music & films of the 40’s and 50’s with my Dad, my most favorite memory growing up was Saturday afternoon movie time with him, always Jerry & Dean or an Elvis Flick and always in B&W.”

Chrissy styles Bride
Chrissy Styles Gushing Bride

“My eye for the fashion and style came from then but it was when I was introduced to the Dance (Lindy Hop) my passion for swing music grew then came the fashion/lifestyle of the 30’s and 40’s. I remember when I got my first 1940’s original crepe A-line frock with beautiful beading on it. I was in heaven and I matched it with the right hat, accessories, hair and makeup and walked into my parents home and Dad teared up (being a soldier, that NEVER happened). He said he thought his mother had walked home.”


“Now, since 2005, when I registered the business, I travel almost every week to a different place from my home base here in Queensland. My team have also grown and I now have Mistresses of Style in every state in Australia. There is much we can learn from our fore-mothers who trail blazed for the freedoms and independence we enjoy today and with the beauty of hindsight, The Lindy Charm School for Girls preserves and imparts only the best of the past to enhance our present. I have always been passionate about empowering girls of all ages to enhance their own, natural outer & inner beauty through the best of vintage styling, etiquette and manners.”

What do you find most rewarding about running a business?

“So many things. First you think, how wonderful to be your own boss THEN reality hits and you are your own boss and have to motivate yourself, pay your way with what you earn which is largely dependent on how much you motivate yourself! Phew.. When do the sleep ins and long lunches kick in? It is still the best feeling in the world to run and grow something you are so passionate about and to mentor others to do the same is just awesome!”

One of The Lindy Charm School For Girl's Vintage Make Over
One of The Lindy Charm School For Girl’s Exquisite Vintage Make Overs

What is your number one tip for other entrepreneurs entering the world of business? 

Have great people around you, collaborate and work really hard. Don’t get caught up worrying about what your competitors are doing. If you are minding their business you are not minding your own so head down and derriere up! Take note of your milestones and celebrate them, every now and then look back at where you are come from and how much you have grown and pat yourself on the back then get back to it. Give, Give, and give then you will receive.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

“Swing Dance, Lindy Hop and Short George my way around! I love to socialize, create events and gather people together to have fun. That, and spending time with precious family which is always my first love.”


Come along to Swing on In dance classes in Mermaid Beach and Bangalow or monthly social dance nights in Nerang.  Check out The Lindy Charm School For Girl’s next vintage styling event and come along to QT’s Pin Up Pool Party on April 9 as hosted by Chrissy.  For all enquiries, contact Chrissy on or check her out on Insta.

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