Look At That Turtle Go, Bro.

When starting your own business, it’s easy to get caught up in creating an expansive vision, aiming high and expecting that everything will happen over night.

While the pipedream of empire creation is an important one, it’s completely cool to start up humbly, authentically and true to ~you.

Comparing yourself to other success stories in your market is an exhaustive exercise. While admiring and drawing inspiration from others in your field can be beneficial to your biz and cement ideals for personal successes, it can also become a silly and sad timewaster.

You doing you is the ultimate goal so don’t feel pressured to rush into the unknown, eager to throw your products in customers faces without proper preparation.

Get up to speed with our simple list, summarizing our ten top tips for building your business consistently.

  1. Grow your online following organically (not with paid followers!)
  2. Strengthen networking connections to grow your foundations
  3. Build your brand and business identity slowly to capture who you truly are and what your business stands for
  4. Allow your ideas to change naturally and don’t be afraid of this!
  5. Embrace new directions and explore all of your options
  6. Realise that social media numbers aren’t the be all and end all
  7. Focus on creating services and products true to you and your biz
  8. Keep in mind that learning on the job may change your outlook
  9. Collaborate with other small business owners
  10. Allow room for growth within your business services and products


Do you have any tips for new business owners starting out?  Let us know in the comments below!



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