How To Get Stuff Done

Some days, getting stuff done can seem all too hard.  There’s a new series out on Netflix that just hit your Mac and it would be much more enjoyable to binge watch that than to review your business plan.

It’s okay to give into your popcorn breakfast cravings and iView obsessions (we’re loving You Can’t Ask That at the mo.) but at some stage you have to stop daydreaming of doing and actually start getting stuff done.

For example, while linking you to You Can’t Ask That, I noticed there is a new episode up.  But I refrained, and returned to this blog post because I am a good girl (okay, but I’m probably going to watch that ep straight after this and I did have an Easter egg for breakfast).

So how do you start getting stuff done?

  1.  Find A Time That Works For You.  You might cogitate best with the night owls or maybe it’s the sunrise- this is completely individual to you.  Personally, I’m a mid morning gal and work best between the hours of 8-12.  This is when I begin getting stuck into my more difficult workload.  So I don’t get up at 4am, get cracking before dawn and go full steam ahead because it just wont work for me.  What time of day works best for you?  Single out this time and dedicate it to getting stuff done.
  2. Write Lists.  Getting your to-do list out of your head and scribbled onto a piece of paper will make the stuff you need to get done much easier to approach, trust me.  Maybe the first thing for you to do is ‘complete to-do list.’  Get things moving and -check!- That’s one thing ticked off already.  See, it’s not that scary.
  3. Set Goals.  Achieving what you’re setting out to do is near impossible without a vision in mind. So getting stuff done is a hundred times easier when you know where you want to go.  You may be a small business owner wanting to increase sales, a stay at home mum longing to get out more or a student with grade goals in mind.  Set a goal that you’d like to achieve this month.  Write it down.  And refer to it in times when you are lacking motivation.
  4. Treat Yo’ Self.  Just finished your first manuscript?  Celebrate!  Had a big night re-evaluating your marketing strategy?  Take yourself out for a well earnt coffee in the morning.  Completed a commissioned work in record time?  Try your luck at catching a barrel in the surf.  Whatever it may be, make your silver lining something that you’ll get huge kicks from and the stuff that needs doing will feel a whole lot more worth it.
  5. Get Moving.  Physical exercise stimulates the mind, yo!  On the occasian that you find yourself stuck in a rut, hiding away from the world in your pillow castle- try opening the front door.  Walk to the mailbox and then continue walking off towards the horizon and chase your dreams.  You can do it!

Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know what kind of stuff you’re getting done!

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