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Simple Ways To Build Rapport With Your Customer Base

Getting savvy about building rapport with your customer base can make a world of difference to your business’s presence, community perception and overall reputation.  But how do you do it?

  1.  Give customers a reason to love you.  Are you hilarious, personable and an absolute goddess?  While being all of these things is pretty impressive, how is your customer base to know if you don’t interact with them?  You’re essentially a walking advertisement for your business and hellooo, a free representation of your branding!  Step away from the grind for a moment or two and put yourself in your customers shoes.  Are you more likely to feel more drawn to a head honcho who cracks a few jokes or is hiding behind the scenes 100% of the time cracking eggs?  You’ll be surprised by customer’s responses to the refreshing reality of you being a real person too.  Go out of your way to shake hands and put a face to your service, product or industry hub.
  2. Provide something for nothing.  Be it a thank you pack in the post, a check-in via email or free information on your website – every one wants a little somethin’ somethin’ for nothin’ so give the people what they want (won’t somebody please think of the children)!  Take consumable info to heart and include it in your business plan.  Services provided by copywriters and virtual assistants can free up your time and provide your customer base with valuable info.  You want to be an asset to them and give more to your precious consumers than your competitors do.  By delegating these elements to experts, you won’t have to do a thing, but will show your customers that you do actually care – and build rapport with them in the process – cha ching!
  3. Be approachable.  You want your visitors/customers/guests to have no question in their minds that you’re their number one go-to for info in your industry.  Make this known to your clients.  A mechanic who can help out someone in the market for a new set of wheels?  Tell your customers first hand to give you a buzz in a car yard when tossing up between vehicles.  An interior designer?  You want your customers thinking of you when deciding to go with a rustic vibe or chic feel while shopping in Zara Home.  You’ll be seen as (shock horror), a real life human and this availability will make you all kinds of valuable to your client base.
  4. Go above and beyond.  Easier said than done, we know.  But exceeding your customer’s expectations is a big one when it comes to building rapport.  Had a conversation with someone about their graphic design needs and meet one a week later?  Give them a buzz and pass on contact details.  Selling fashion items that require specific care?  Talk your customer through the process and answer any questions they may have – write down your phone number and tell them to call you if they need another run through.  Add a handwritten note in with your deliveries.  This extra effort won’t go unnoticed and will ignite smiles err’where.

How do you build meaningful rapport with your customers?  Let us know in the comments below!

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