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Instagram Hacks For Small Business Owners

Instagram is a ridiculously clever marketing tool for any small business.  So how are you using it to your advantage?

We reached out to our readers and discovered that while you’re all pretty savvy on the ‘gram, you want to learn more!

Here we’ll answer some of your trickiest questions and get to the bottom of how to get your insta-biz buzzing.  Following a recent League of Extraordinary Women event at Warehouse No. 5, we’ve put together some top tips on slaying the ‘gram with the help of Emma Papas, Co-Founder of The Merry Maker Sisters, fashion and lifestyle blogger Jess Marshall of Jesskaalee as well as Founder + General Manager of Knight Content Creation and Strategy, Kimberley Knight.

How many times should I post to Instagram per day?

While suggestions ranged from 1 to 4 times per day, the ladies concluded that living in the moment and posting when it feels right for YOU is the ultimate strategy.  Kimberley noted that when posting on a corporate level, a clear plan is paramount for success!

How can I grow my Insta community?

Some key points to keep in mind if you wanna kill it on insta:

  • Know your audience
  • Have a link in your bio
  • Follow algorithms
  • Be YOU!

Hashtag hints?

  • Connect your hashies with real people.  Hellooo, your actual audience!
  • Be clear about what you stand for
  • Attract your key tribe with hashtaggeroonies that will mean something to them!

How should I tackle Insta stories?

  • Keep it real, girl.  Show your insta crew who you really are
  • Stay active!
  • Boldly shine your colours

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future League of Extraordinary Women events and let us know if you hear of any other upcoming collab meetups – we love, love!

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