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Explosive Branding Tips For Entrepreneurs

You’ve updated your Linkedin, Insta, Website, Logo and label layout.  Everything is schmicko and you love it.  But have you considered another important area of your business’s branding?  YOU!

In this article we explore branding tips for your business’s longevity, appeal and down right sassiness.

You’re not my real Dad, you can’t tell me what to do.

True.  But these tips are red hot, so listen up.  Or not.  Up to you.

But we say – yes.  Yes, you should listen up.

Grab a glass of wine, bowl of soup or whatever else tickles your fancy and get scribin’ like, now.  Glitter pens and sticky notes or flow charts and excel spreadsheets.  Start planning your branding with these crucial elements.

Questions to ask yourself when branding your Social Media:

  • Who am I speaking to?
    • Per platform
  • What do I want to make people feel?
  • How are compositional elements affecting my persona?
    • Tidy, messy, industrial, clean
  • What type of lifestyle am I showcasing?
  • How will my biz pics be perceived?
    • What are you presenting?
  • Where will people be drawn to?
    • Voice, quality, subject

Things to consider when defining your personal business brand:

  • Which texture/s are connected to your business?
    • Soft, coarse, sleek, rough
  • What feelings does you branding elicit?
    • Cheerfulness, contentedness, mystery, wonder
  • Which colours will reflect this?
    • Calming blue, fiery red, mystical purple, earthy green
  • How will you communicate the fusion of these elements?
    • Emotive content, imagery, interactions

Branding tips for you IRL:

Just because knock off time kicks in, it doesn’t mean that your branding clock quits ticking.  Whether you like it or not, you as a person, are a walking and talking representative for your business.  Forever & always.  When a client runs into you at Coles, what do you want them to see you wearing or purchasing?  Is Coles even in line with your branding?  Yes, I’m serious.  If you’re an eco friendly fruit and veg supplier, would you not rather see a customer at the markets?  On a Friday night, who are you with?  What are you doing?  If you’re a community figure or events organiser, you’ll want to be seen out, right?  If you’re a fashion designer, be seen in your creations – not thongs and a three day old shirt with a hole in the sleeve.  Your A game must be on at. all. times.

So make your branding count, make your branding you, make your branding sparkle, glisten and glow.  Be brave.  Be inspiring.  Be intriguing.  Be the product every one wants a piece of.  And sprinkle your you-ness through everything you do.

Did you find these branding tips useful?  What parts of your branding do you love building?  Let us know!

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