Get Stuff Done Playlist

Get Stuff Done Playlist

Personally, I don’t listen to music when I work.  Unless the repetitive squawk of a crow outside my window counts (how very poetic).

But pumping up to get work done is a favourite pastime of mine and can really get those creative juices flowing, ya know?

Here’s my get stuff done playlist that grooves me into the work day.  What’s yours?

As you can see, my personal get stuff done faves aren’t your typical motivational tunes with inspirational lyrics, a ‘you can do it feel,’ or quotes for self improvement.  But they do make me feel like anything is possible and get my toes tapping with anticipation for tackling a heavy workload.

I can’t wait to hear which songs get you going – leave them in the comments below and let’s make the ultimate get stuff done playlist.

  1.  Sharp Dressed Man, ZZ Top
  2. Deceptacon, Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas cover of Le Tigre
  3. Stuck in The Middle With You, Stealers Wheel
  4. No More Mr Nice Guy, Alice Cooper
  5. Hooked on Swing, Larry Elgart and his Manhattan Orchestra
  6. Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin
  7. Paparazzi, Lady Gaga Acoustic
  8. Baby Please Don’t Go, Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones
  9. I’m Your Boogie Man, KC and the Sunshine Band
  10. Black Magic Woman, Stonefield Cover of Santana


Let me know your get stuff done playlist in the comments below!


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