Passionate, Powerful & Pretty Fab: Rosie Van of R Van Films

Cocktails in the sun, weekend getaways and a lucrative filming business.  It appears that Rosie Van has it all.  And when we look a little closer, it is quickly apparent that she does!  Bubbly, bright and bursting with vibrancy, did we mention that Rosie is a powerfully determined, self made businesswoman? 

Building an online following of almost 200,000 fans, Rosie knew that this exposure could be used for something more…  Launching her own videography business just last year, R Van Films has already exploded with success.  Here we chat loans, finding a work life balance and big sleep ins that no one knows about.

Tell us the story of your business R Van Films

“In August 2016 I was modeling for a video my hair salon was putting together.  From the moment the videographer walked in with his camera I was instantly intrigued.  To be honest, I wasn’t focused at all on the modeling gig.  I was just watching him do his thing the entire time, confidently thinking that it was easily something I could do myself.  All of those hours I had spent making GoPro videos on my travels and weekends away – I thought, I can do the exact same thing AND make money from it!”

Gettin’ bendy with it.  Rosie filming with Moon Child Fitness Mats

“I asked the videographer a few questions about his equipment on the day and even asked my hairdressers how much she paid him!

I was left inspired, and from that moment forward I realised I was standing on the wrong side of the camera.

One week later I took out a $20,000 business loan to purchase all of my equipment and a reliable car.  Then on Thursday 1st of September 2016, R Van Films was launched.”



“The fact that this loaned money was at a 15% interest rate was an extremely daunting feeling – It scared me to pieces!  But I knew exactly what I had to do and how I had to do it.”


“I knew I already had access to filming opportunities through my social media exposure, I just had to focus on working hard and improving my skills day in and day out.  My first paid job was for $150 and then I filmed many more free projects to gain more exposure!  The job opportunities kept rolling in.  So I increased my prices and within 5 months I quit my part time administration job to move on to my business full-time January 2017!”

Rosie pictured with Brittney Saunders following filming for her label launch

Describe a highlight for you during your career

“I’ve had many highlights in my career so far!  Being able to work fulltime at R Van Films  was definitely a huge highlight!  It was shocking and scary all at the same time! Successfully filming my first wedding was up there too.  But the biggest highlight for me has been officially and completely paying off my business loan just last month.  Taking out a 7 year loan and paying it off in 1 year has been a massive achievement for me and shows that all the hard work really does pay off!”


What do you find most challenging about running your own business?

“Deadlines.  Yes! Definitely deadlines.  They can be really really challenging, as well as finding a healthy work/life balance.  Editing can be quite a strenuous and repetitive task too, so it is important in this industry to unplug yourself as often as you can, come back with fresh eyes and revamp your creativity.”

It’s a tough gig!  Rosie after a day of filming with Porsche Centre, Gold Coast


What do you find to be the most fun about running your own business?

“Those days when I feel like a big sleep in are a pretty fun part of business.  I can sleep until 2pm if I want and no one would know!  Picking and choosing your work days and hours is such a mentally healthy and satisfying feeling and I tell myself everyday that I could never go back to Monday to Friday work after experiencing the freedom I have working for myself.”

If you could describe R Van Films in three words, what would they be?

“Efficient. Energetic. Reliable!

I pride my work on fast turnarounds, delivering my work in an energetic way and always being on time and reliable!”


What do you get up to in your spare time?

“Work, work, and if I am not working…  I am working (laughs)!  I am a heavy workaholic but I do take time off when needed.  My father is a crazy Dutch, so I get my workaholic ways from him.  The days that I do get off are spent on the boat with my partner or relaxing at the beach.  And I don’t mind a good wild night on the weekend with the girls! All that fills my spare time up pretty well!  I absolutely LOVE it!”



Check out R Van Films on Instagram (Rosie too) and head over to her website for your next shoot!

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