Is Instagram Changing The Grid Game?

Rumours.  Unlike the fabulous Fleetwood Mac Album, these never seem to lead to anything good.

And just like the end of the world, a change up on Instagram is apparently near (or so we think).  This follows a terribly troubling instance where some Instagram users saw their grid presented in four by four format which has shocked the Instagram community to it’s colour coded core.

So if you, like me, are having somewhat of a mild heart attack in response to this news, here are a few plusses of the four by four grid scheme if it ACTUALLY LAUNCHES.

  1.  More content to consume in one hit
  2. A wider representation of your brand with less scrolls
  3. Images will appear smaller (all the more reason for your following to click for a closer look)
  4. Accustomed to larger phone screens & tablets
  5. Less RSI from scrolling (the pain is real)
  6. Larger tile scheme posts for higher quality visuals
  7. Even numbered rows will make scheduling more straightforward
  8. More time for colour scheme transitions

So although your now perfectly laid out ‘gram will momentarily be jumbled and make little to no sense in some cases, a feed mix is apparently as good as a holiday (or so the saying goes).  And if Instagram changes their grid game officially, fortunately we’ll still have some positives to look forward to – And the world is not going to end because of it (hopefully).


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