Instagram Story Ideas

10 Instagram Story Ideas

Last week we put out a poll on Instagram and it was unanimous that you guys want to know about Instagram story ideas. With the other option being blog post ideas, it is pretty darn obvious that you guys think social media is way sexier!  We totally get that.  But guys, don't forget that content… Continue reading Instagram Story Ideas


Snapchat Has A New Update & It Sucks

So Australia is the first to see the new Snapchat update and we’re just gonna be straight and say… It sucks, mate. Obviously, ya’ll are going to have to make your own opinion, but we honestly can’t see how anyone could be a fan. What’s the biggest update in Snapchat? The first difference to Snapchat… Continue reading Snapchat Has A New Update & It Sucks

Hand Letterer Ella Rathbone of You’re My Type Chats Freedom

We first fell in love with Ella when we stumbled upon her Instagram account and brand new podcast.  We're super envious of her creative designs and soothing voice. This is a gal who knows her stuff! If you've ever wondered what it's like to run a creative business with enough freedom to literally pack your… Continue reading Hand Letterer Ella Rathbone of You’re My Type Chats Freedom

7 Social Media Faux Pas

Social Media Faux Pas

Social media faux pas are being used left right and centre.  And quite frankly, it's not a trap you want to get into.  Because you (yeah, you) are waaay better than that! While utilising social media as a marketing tool is one of the best ways to promote your business, connect with your audience and… Continue reading 7 Social Media Faux Pas

Structuring Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

So, 2017 has come and gone.  How quickly?  About as quickly as the holographic trend (no shade, we love holo).  But now 2018 is knocking on the door and you are yet to tackle your 2018 marketing strategy. Don't worry, gal.  We've got you.  Better yet, we're going to show you how to map out… Continue reading Structuring Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

Why You Should Follow Hashtags

why you should follow hashtags on Instagram

Instagram's new follow hashtag feature is just about the most exciting thing that's happened since edible glitter.  Whether you're a business, brand or individual, following hashtags is going to be a game changer for you, so listen up. In case you're new 'round these parts, here are the basics. What is a hashtag? In the… Continue reading Why You Should Follow Hashtags