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Now to change things up, you write some

Famously asked questions

I’m no rock star, you are! And together we’re one helluva duo.

You = rock star!
Dan = copy tour manager!
Crowd = your killer audience!
Bar band = finding your sound (voice)
Opening act = finding your stage (website)
Headliner = selling to stadiums (launch copywriting)

As your brand’s copy tour manager, I rock your copy, so you can confidently knee-slide under the spotlight as the ultimate rock star of your brand.

I don't get it. Are you telling me you're a rock star and I'm in the crowd?

Famously asked questions

Gold Coast, Australia. G'day mate.

Where is Readcity HQ?

Famously asked questions

Sure do. Educating your people about voice and copywriting is 100% my jam. I’ve presented for the likes of Surfing Australia and on home turf at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse. While I’m happy to tailor keynotes to your exact needs, current presentation topics include:

Finding Your Brand’s Voice
From Bland to Original Brand (ft. Superfans)
Rockin' Words That Convert

I want you to speak at an event, do you do that?

Famously asked questions

Sure can, rocket man! A little thing called the internizzle makes it super easy (and fun!) for us to work together wherever you are.

Readcity has renegades all over the world – Macau, London, Manchester, France, Italy and USA to name a few.

I don't live in Australia. Can we still work together?

Famously asked questions

Please don't ask me hard questions.

How many margaritas have you drunk in one sitting?

Famously asked questions

I (Danielle) will write every one of your words, be at each of our meetings and handle all of your project queries. While I used to have a larger team, it taught me that my true love is working directly with rockin' people like you on every single piece of work you receive. So yes, we basically become best friends from the get-go. Once we've finished rockin' together, my proofreader runs her laser beam eyes over your work so it's ready to publish.

Who writes my words?

Famously asked questions

Whether you’re just starting out, growing an established brand or stepping away from doing all the things, I offer copywriting packages for you at any stage of business. Ready to rock? Check ‘em out!

What's with the stages?

Famously asked questions

Readcity meetings are completed between the hours of 9am and 4pm AEST Tuesday to Thursday. My next available spot to rock your copy is found at the bottom of your proposal after you've gotten in touch.

When are you available?

Famously asked questions

Research, rhythm and revision before you see your first version of copy are all huge parts of every project. Exploring the psychological preferences of consumers, getting so far into your ideal customer’s minds that I start to feel like I am them – Finding out what your ideal customers know and like – then digging deeper to discover what they don’t like and don’t know, so you can impress them and build strong trust factors that let them know you understand them. Exploring the v. important connotations of words, where they fit in your industry and whether they align with your brand. Strategising copy in a way that builds the like-factor of who you are and what you stand for. Assessing the cadence and speed of your copy when it’s read in minds, or aloud. Applying language conventions that subtly influence (or shake up entirely) the beliefs of your reader. Researching Google trends and SEO statistics to see what consumers are actually searching for… I'd say it's a bit more than words.

But seriously, is it just words?

Famously asked questions

Larry and Lemmy (Lemmy’s the cute one). They’re the two best friends that anyone could ever ask for and each gets a meat pie on their birthday. Larry is named after Larry Emdur (duh!) and Lemmy is named after Lemmy Kilmister. You can get to know them over on Instagram. Look me up – @readcity

Dan, your cats are so cute. What are their names and pics plz

Famously asked questions

My process is highly collaborative, strategic and deep-diggin' (mixed with creativity, of course). AKA it goes a little something like this:

1. You get in touch, then fill in a few extra Qs related to the service you're enquiring about.  If we're a good fit, I reply with your proposal, valid for 5 days with the closest date held for 48 hours.

2. We’ll giggle, and point finger guns at each other like the scallywags we are.

3. You’ll say YAY (or nay, but hopefully YAY!).

4. You’ll sign a contract and pay a deposit (payment plans available) to secure your pozzie (please note, I am often booked up 4 to 12 weeks in advance).

5. You’ll complete another questionnaire based on the services you’ve opted in for and our Brand Personality Playlist Quiz before meeting number 2.

6. We’ll have a 60-minute Zoom meeting to clarify areas such as your desired messaging, tone, brand values, etc.

7. And bada bing bada boom – I’ll begin working on your project behind the scenes.

What's your process, Cobber?

Famously asked questions

Good question. Rockin’ voices, bands who rock – it just makes sense, right? Also, as a drummer myself, I draw oodles of inspiration from music when writing and brainstorming. I’m also just obsessed with groovin' to a good band in a dark bar with sticky floors. Is that just me, orrrr…

What's with all the band references and music?

Famously asked questions

Killer Readcity Renegades (AKA clients) enable Readcity to contribute to Animal Welfare League Queensland, helping infectious and non-infectious cats and kittens find their furrever home.

What's something cool Readcity does?

Famously asked questions

If you've scrolled across this far, you probably have a good idea of whether or not I'm for you. 

But it might also interest you to know that I have a Bachelor of Psychological Science. This means that when you work with Readcity, you don’t just get words, you get words with gently interwoven strategy that still sound good, like you and connect with your people. I also hold a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, specialising in Marketing (taught by Myer’s Marketing Manager for 20 years, Peter Baldwin) and (fun fact) qualifications in the History of Rock Music, Creative, Technical and Internet Writing.

Epic brands like you have wildly creative minds. So do I. As a drummer, swing dancer, cat mum and excellent head banger (without sounding up my own asterisk), I come with all the logic of a strategist and the creativity of a sparkle-rolled burrito with extra chill-lay.

Why should I choose Readcity?

You ask 'em, I answer 'em
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A cat-loving, U2 despising brand voice strategist and launch copywriter for rebellious business rock stars.

Hey, I'm Dan