Instagram Story Ideas

10 Instagram Story Ideas

Last week we put out a poll on Instagram and it was unanimous that you guys want to know about Instagram story ideas. With the other option being blog post ideas, it is pretty darn obvious that you guys think social media is way sexier!  We totally get that.  But guys, don't forget that content… Continue reading Instagram Story Ideas


Why You Should Follow Hashtags

why you should follow hashtags on Instagram

Instagram's new follow hashtag feature is just about the most exciting thing that's happened since edible glitter.  Whether you're a business, brand or individual, following hashtags is going to be a game changer for you, so listen up. In case you're new 'round these parts, here are the basics. What is a hashtag? In the… Continue reading Why You Should Follow Hashtags

Is Instagram Changing The Grid Game?

Rumours.  Unlike the fabulous Fleetwood Mac Album, these never seem to lead to anything good. And just like the end of the world, a change up on Instagram is apparently near (or so we think).  This follows a terribly troubling instance where some Instagram users saw their grid presented in four by four format which… Continue reading Is Instagram Changing The Grid Game?

Instagram Hacks For Small Business Owners

Readcity Instagram Info

Instagram is a ridiculously clever marketing tool for any small business.  So how are you using it to your advantage? We reached out to our readers and discovered that while you're all pretty savvy on the 'gram, you want to learn more! Here we'll answer some of your trickiest questions and get to the bottom… Continue reading Instagram Hacks For Small Business Owners

Social Media Sins: Are You Failing Online Etiquette?

Chip the Teacup model reads up on etiquette

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter... Goodness me!  There are so many social media platforms these days, it's hard to keep up with all of the do's and dont's.  Fear not, my online friend- your digital napkin will be perfectly folded on your knee pixels in no time.  See if you're committing internet courtesy crimes by… Continue reading Social Media Sins: Are You Failing Online Etiquette?

What New Idea Will You Bring To Your Business Today?

While embarking on the unpredictable road to a career in freelance writing, I have questioned many routes.  It would be all too easy to simply discover your calling, follow it into a dark cave and find a candle hidden in a thin crevasse- let alone the flint as well.  But aren’t we all in hope that the… Continue reading What New Idea Will You Bring To Your Business Today?