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Craft your showstoppin'

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We kick off 19 Feb 2024

We kick off on Monday 19 Feb 2024!

Save $300 when you enrol in full

"Create a 'professional' brand and they'll come"... is what everyone told you 

After a few years in the game, you're a dynamite rock star at what you do...

But you have no clue how the hell to position yourself in a way that magnetises dream clients (and employees).

So when someone asks 'why you over others?'

You choke. Your mind melts. And you jump into some loooong monologue about your experience or 'passion'...

Hoping your potential client doesn't see through your sticky taped facade because you have no idea what actually makes you an original...

or where to even start.

(Even though you KNOW you'd be mad to ignore that your industry's fillin' faster than a free Woodstock '69 re-enactment gig.)

So you HATE when someone visits your website. You eye roll at your higgledy piggledy social posts (that take 547 years to write captions for) and suspect it's the reason your enquiry count is nowhere near where you thought it'd be by now. 

Hey, established service-based biz owner

So why are you *still* struggling to consistently attract dream clients (and enough of them) each month?

it's a long way to the top 

if you 

blend into the background

You're secretly terrified competitors will continue to kick goals, while you slowly fade into the background.

Plus, you can't stand that you've made it this far and *still* aren't anywhere near as known as you'd dreamed of being.

(And let's not get started on the perfectionism that leaves you frozen in a state of nope nope NOPE any time you go to share something that doesn't start with a serious tone.)   

You're stuck. Because you don't wanna niche down (or change the brand you're already shakin')...

But you've gotta do *something* (anything) to consistently capture interest and have the RIGHT peeps dying to work with (or for) you.

What IS that devilish elixir they've poured into your brain? You know, the one that leaves you captivated by their every word? In pure awe of their conviction?

Because staying THAT consistent has gotta be some kind of dark magic, right? (... right?)

Every time another killer rebrand (or message remix) rolls out, you stare starry-eyed at your idols, wondering how they stood so fearlessly in that space and completely owned it. Wishing you could do the same.

Like, you can sum their biz up in a couple of words to your friends, fam and fur babes. But why can't you do it for your own?

You've got no freakin' idea how to connect 'n convert on repeat

You've worked bloody hard to create this image of 'professional expert' but randomly add personality like some chaotic see-saw you hope says 'I know what I'm doing but I also have my quirks', but it reads like 'huh?'

You slave over social captions tryin' your hardest to build trust, show your expertise and be taken seriously. But you're sick of reading (and adding to) all the saaaame messages and trends online 

Writing about yourself is bloody hard 'n takes 5ever

You stick to the script of your service offerings and inclusions without ever *really* delving beyond 'quality', 'care' or 'passion' for what you do. And you wing it anytime someone asks 'why you?'

You feel like your messaging SUCKS (or it's invisible)

Sound familiar, Rock Star?

Then roll the whole lot out into the world. All guided by your dedicated copywriter (and joined by a crew of peeps in your exact boat)

No one has (ever) *actually* shown you how to craft a killer brand message, and voice so how the devil could you expect yourself to *poof!* have it mastered?

Know this, rock star: you really can DIY an original, memorable and client luring message, voice and sound. 

Hang on a sec!

The secret to a runnin' a freakishly memorable brand that consistently captivates your ideal clients isn't:

             - Hype
             - Mystery
              - Hundreds of networking events *shivers*

It's returning to who you actually are.

Knowing who (not what) you and your biz are is your ticket to a standout, original and memorable 
brand presence that's impossible to ignore. 

Because when you believe it, they do too.

It's your brand's original 'stage' setup, where the lights are prepped, the curtain's drawn and you're armed with the copy goodies needed to put on the show YOU wanna share with the world. 

Good news, groovy shoes. You're a mere moonwalk away from your backstage pass to words that compel dream clients to enquire (then encore for more!)


Positioning yourself as the show stoppin' go-to in your field with a clear, concise and consistent message that's 100% original to you

Questioning whether you need to be more serious, more professional or more reined in like others in your industry

Fearlessly sharing a brand that feels like you and connects with your people, in your way, so no one can ever replicate rip off or wrangle your message 

Questioning whether injecting your own personality will sound amateur

Quickly, confidently and easily articulating 'why you'

Taking 7 billion years to write about yourself 

Copy that starts conversations with dream peeps

Blamin' the algorithm 


The course
The course



An 8-week copywriting mentorship to uncover your standout 'thing', design your unshakably original message, plant your feet as THE freakishly memorable expert in your field and craft words that sell and compel clients to encore for more.  

It's time to attract dream peeps like groupies to rock stars

Here's how you




Craft an on-brand, memorable client experience that encourages clients to encore for more services with you and you alone

Optimise your website for conversions with copy that leaves potential clients wondering how the devil you got inside their noggins


This is how you connect the dots no one else is drawing in your industry

It's time to establish yourself

Attract. Engage. Inspire Encore Bookings


Uncover and articulate exactly what you stand for so you can connect with peeps YOUR way, with a message no one can ever wrangle or rip off




trap door



Check out what you're already shaking with legit voice analysis tools that'll make you go 'whoaaaa'

Review your existing brand



Uncover your 'thing' to craft a consistently original brand that captures undeniable attention.

Uncover your original identity




Develop a word and phrase bank aligned to your brand's original message, world and sound so readers can know it's you, even when your brand logo, colours and fonts aren't around. 

Here we apply psychology-led memorability hacks to sparkle in reader's noggins longer.

Become freakishly memorable 



Uncover your precise dream peep's consumer psychology to effortlessly weave throughout your copy so they feel like 'they're talking to me!' 

Get inside your dream client's minds



Apply your brand's new originality and consumer insights to your personality-packed, conversion-ready website, so you'll never, ever blend into the background.

For this module, it's important you can log into your website and make changes to the words, images and potentially the layout (you'll receive feedback, recommendations and links to website templates if needed).

Craft personality-packed copy that converts




Keep the party rockin' throughout the enquiry, onboarding and service experience with an on-brand, personality-packed email sequence that delights your clients and invites reviews. From enquiry to meeting invites, through to tricky situations and offboarding deliveries. Or, opt to create a lead magnet (why not both if you sink your teeth in?!)

Compel clients to encore for more


Attend live fortnightly Q&As, workshops and virtual coworking to stay accountable, ask questions, and practice new #skills. 

60 mins per fortnight

You'll have one copy rockin' focus for the week (for stage we have three weeks). You send it through by COB Wednesday for a copy critique!

15-30 mins per day 


Our time together looks like:



You'll attend a mix of live and pre-recorded masterclass to complete any time you please (I recommend Monday for ample time to rock your copy!).

60-90 mins per week



After 3+ years growin' a business in the wrong direction (AKA as someone I wasn't, chasing dreams that weren't mine), in 2019 I went all in on a brand that feels like me. 

Not only did writing become easier, I began getting enquiries from dream clients, being asked to speak at events and on podcasts and even won a coupla' awards.

I went from being booked here and there to a consistently booked out schedule, and now people sometimes send me videos of their dads dancing to AC/DC which I see as the real win here.

I've helped 100+ brands rock copy as the real them, and now I'm here to help you do the same (just without the price tag!). Because I've personally seen how an original brand message can completely revolutionise a brand's success. And I want you to be able to experience all that goodness too.

I'm a brand voice strategist and copywriter whose business was once a forgettable bin fire

Hey, I'm Dan

Meet your copy tour manager




“I'm teary-eyed writing this, but you have breathed new life into my brand. It's been an absolute pleasure to have gone on this journey with you! Infinitely Indebted to you.

Jackie Bowker, Model, mC & VOICE OVER ARTIST

"You'll get way more than you're expecting. Dan is SOOOO generous with her time and feedback. Now I'm so confident with my brand voice that I've started sending out my first few emails. You'd be a fool not to do this course."


"I'm so grateful to have met you. Your brain is literally mindblowingly magical and I think the term back pocket mentor was made specifically for you! I need a tiny Dan in my back pocket sharing your great ideas! Thank you again and again. 

CAT DUNN, Online business manager

"You are a great teacher! Relaxed, engaged, supportive, knowledgeable, experienced, creative, fun, yourself. Now my brand is unlike any other there in my industry and you have massively helped me bring it to life! I get to be me! I wish this course never had to end!"

valued at $3540 based off current Copy Support offers

This course won't run entirely live on next launch (only two Q&As will be live) so this intake will give you the most amount of personal support from me. There are two live lessons, three live Q&As, a live workshop and three live coworking sessions. In the last intake, live support was the students' fave part! Well, this and my review of their work.  

At least 12 hours of live training and support

valued at $1999

You'll receive access to the same questions my 1:1 clients answer (these alone have had killer feedback) as well as fill-in-the-blanks outreach, survey, website page and email templates to guide you to copy rockin' stardom. As well as a handy micro voice guide template to fill in each week and keep your work in one place.

Done-for-you templates and copy swipe files

I don't know what this is valued at as I cannot tell the future (sadly). But it is definitely more than you'll pay for this enrolment!

This is the second ever time I'm rockin' this course with killer business owners like you (hence the slashed price). As a massive thank you for kickin' off the second tour locale with me, you'll receive access to all future course updates as they happen. 

Lifetime access to the course modules


We'll be rockin' a whole bunch of stuff together (and the best part is, I'm right there by your side through the lot). 

You'll receive access to the exact originality uncovering questions I ask my 1:1 clients, a micro brand voice guide template to fill and outline your difference, your words, your ways to create a consistent voice, then we'll audit and write your website copy (and packages) so you can optimise it for memorability and conversion. Finally, you'll create a lead magnet to drive traffic to your mailing list, or write an email sequence to create a seamless experience, drive reviews, and encourage dream clients to encore for more.

✓ Micro Voice Guide
✓ Conversion + Personality optimised Home / About / Services / Contact Website Page Copy
✓ 5 x Onboarding Email Sequence or Lead Magnet 

Your road trip includes guidance across 6 areas where you'll create a:

What You'Ll CREATE


A dollar-ee-doo friendly payment plan


8 FORTNIGHTLY payments of 


When you enrol before 19 Feb 2024


one-time payment of

Best Value

Let's guide you to copy rockin' stardom






CAT DUNN, Online business manager

"Copy Remix is the BEST course I've ever done! It is so in-depth about the psychology behind your brand and gets you to dig deep into your values, who you are, what your biz stands for, your clients' pain points and dreams... Each module was more fun than the last. I've uncovered the real essence of who I am and what I want my business to be! Thank you for everything Dan! This course is a no-brainer."


"Copy Remix is the fire my brand yearned for to move the needle. I had so many aha moments that were fuelled by insight and direction from Dan. I started with a brand I thought I knew, a brand that fit the bill, but ended with a brand I truly know and more importantly LOVE. My brand voice feels authentic and allows me to stand out amongst the noise. This course alone, has allowed me to move beyond the hurdle of 'what am I trying to say' with my messaging, to now knocking out items off my to do list with a set direction and confidence.

Jackie Bowker, Model, mC & VOICE OVER ARTIST

"Stop what you're doing and join Copy Remix right now! This is such a comprehensive course that covers so much of the copy world and will leave you feeling like you can get-up and go when it comes to your brand language. Dan's warmth and approachability means you can safely write copy and she'll guide you in which direction to go. 


"Completing Copy Remix has been such an exciting and valuable experience for my business. We've uncovered my unique brand voice and I've walked away understanding how to inject personality into my brand and stand out in my industry! Everyone needs a Dan behind the scenes working on their business. Dan, I'm your biggest fan!"

Kate, Elysium Hair CEO

"I really felt that Dan had the steps in place to get to know my brand and bring out its natural voice and I could not be happier. If you want to take your business/brand to the next level I would highly recommend Dan."

Jarred, Empact Digital

“Dan really took the time to understand everything to do with the business, which led to the spectacular end result! I'm now not only super proud of my copy, but know how/when to apply it!”

Emily, Fusion Signage Co-Founder

"Dan has empowered us to elevate our marketing. Dan's ability to put herself in our shoes, to really understand our brand in order to curate our voice architecture, is incredible."

Kylie, Say-So Creative

“For a while I have struggled with what Say-So's voice and point of difference was. And mostly how to communicate that through our brand touch points – from client communications, to social marketing, to the website. Danielle listened to my story, my why and our values and put all the pieces together to create a brand voice and website copy that well.. says so!”

Copy Remix isn't like other copywriting courses. It's the tried, tested and proven steps I've used with 100+ clients. It's a combo of training, personal experience and IP developed over 6+ years obsessing over what makes people feel like 'you're in my head' and enquire online.

It's the single place you can access what works, without the noise. Live, live, LIVE!

The goods of a psychology degree, website service conversion insight and personality trainin' without the multi-year slog

Your original 'thing', website word optimisation and customer experience in one place

Peepers over every piece of your work for extra creative ideas and refinement

One weekly focus task so you gain momentum and excitement and skip info overwhelm

the difference

If by week 2 you feel you've made absolutely zero brand revelations or don't see how to build an original brand as your industry's standout rock star (I'll be pretty shocked, but let's say it happens)...  simply show that you've attended every session, email your work to within the first 2 weeks and if we can't get you stage-ready you'll receive a refund for the rest of the course.

I've used this exact process to help 100+ clients craft original brand identities, and I'm yet to find an industry it doesn't work for (but if you're sceptical, DM me @readcity) 

The 14-day happy li'l Rock Star Guarantee

want to share a drink first?


Dan x

Create an unforgettable stage presence that invites potential dream clients to tune into


Build an uncopycattable brand that feels so right and makes writing way faster and easier


Get noticed by dream clients and place yourself front of mind


This is how you

Deliver a whoa-worthy client experiences that gives clients real reason to encore for more all while combining the bits that make you you


Conjure up interest and enquiries through your website 


Uncover the 'thing' that'll become your brand's legacy


Any kind of theme in your brand freaks you out 

You can't update your website (this may be needed in stage week)

You wanna steal my methods and sell them onto your clients (sneaky devil)

You're happy with where your brand is and aren't interested in any kind of change 

Copy Remix isn't for you if

You want to stand for something and stand out

You crave an unforgettable client experience throughout onboarding

You'd love to increase the likelihood of converting website scrollers into enquirers

Your current brand message could be applied to anyone in your industry

Copy Remix is for you if 

The road to originality isn't a conventional one when you follow my Copy Remix framework. 

But that's half the fun. Together we uncover your original personality, apply it to your website optimised for connection and enquiries, and keep the party rollin' through to your client experience. 

Voice. Website. Experience.

It's the copy equivalent of the whole shebang! 

This course is perfect for you if you're serious about standing out and willing to trust the (sometimes wild) process to get there

Ambre, Zephyr et Luna

“The quality of her work is amazing, she knows what works and what doesn't, and even suggests things that could be improved. ”

Jess, Jess Porter Photography

"Such a worthwhile investment for my little business."

Summer, OH NINE

“I’ve leveled up and we're no longer a boring AF little bookkeeping biz.”


IT's time to rock

If you wanna roll out messaging that aligns you as an expert...

If you're done with blending into the background...

If you're done with seeing yet another competitor roll out something incredible while you sit on the sidelines...

If writing's not your thing...

This VIP intake has limited spaces at a discounted price. The price and group members will absolutely go up for the next intake.

A cashflow friendly payment plan




When you enrol before 19 Feb 2024


one-time payment of

Best Value

Save your pozzie





Let's craft your whoa-worthy brand without you selling out as someone you're not