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Pull up a stool and pour yourself a bevvy. Rock your words your way, guided by me – Dan!

For those about to write, we salute you

I wanna rock

it will test your head, your mind and also your brain.

Wanna shake words for your brand and write 'em yourself? Sounds like a serious Johnny Cash move, round of applause plz. 

Become your own brand's lyricist with videos, courses, challenges and courses pulled from my noggin for yours. 

This bunch of wordy resources is perfect for business rock stars wanting to DIY their words or BYO (build your own) copy curriculum.

Turn up the volume and rock your copy solo

Let's rock.

Let's rock.

Let's rock today.

You've got a whole lotta love and a whole lotta stuff to say. But how the heck do you say it in a way that captivates, connects and converts?

Whether you're spending ages writing for your brand, wanna up your customer experience or even uncover your signature sound. 

You're on in 3, 2,1...

Let's limber up your lyrics like you're moments away from headlining Woodstock '69

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Ready to rock your copy with a couple of tune-ups that'll help dream peeps sing your praises?

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Amp up your emails

Make copy punch

Write Electrifying Sign-offs

Master 5 *easy* copy tips to amp up your brand's words in under 10 mins over 5 days.

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Free Copy Rockin' Challenge

5 days of COPY SIPS


Do you want to discover the power of SEO, leverage it to grow your audience, and become the go-to in your industry?

What SEO is

Key terms you need demystified to use to your advantage

4 SEO Myths to kick to the curb, so you can rock outta confusionville and into discovery city

How to decide on blog topics and Make $ from your blog by choosing the right backstage greenroom

Sparkle your noggin with this introduction to what SEO is, and why it matters so you can use it as your 24/7 marketing machine even if you're not tech savvy, don't have much time or feel bored already. 

Your first discoverable online article



We cover:

More comfortable ‘behind the lens’ than ‘behind the keys’? These templates are for you

Enquiries – from vague enquiries to specific queries and wedding, brand and corporate first impressions

Followup – 40% higher replay rate than a single email. Easy, breezy, not awkward-y

Pitch – confidently pitch your photography services to venues and agencies for white label work

Delivery, Payment and Awkward Stuff – like client breakups, rescheduling and prices going up

Finding the right words to say is tough. Some days, it feels damn near impossible. You’re a master at capturing the visual side, but the written parts? Um, no, thank you.

And once you’ve found the words, you’re stuck with how to arrange them to give the perfect balance of ‘I know my stuff’ and ‘I’m pretty fun’, while still sounding totes profesh to potential photography clients.

Not to mention tone-matching to build connections with your enquirer and sounding human in the process! If you’re a photographer who spends a bunch of time replying to enquiries, if you’ve ever been ghosted by one or wanna uplevel your entire client experience…

Email Templates for Photographers



90 minutes of video training and screen shares walking you through the lot

Test your learning with quizzes

Step-by-step keyword research

Bonus Headline Hack Sheet ($97 value), blog structure checklists and uploading walk throughs

Go from 'uh oh' to SEO in under 90 minutes.

From idea to upload, you'll understand SEO and leave knowing how to write and optimise blogs yourself (or exactly how to check if someone else is doing this for you). 

Choose your blog topic, source inspiration and get optimising lickety-split. Then write blogs Google loves and use them as a free marketing tool. 

SEO For Beginners

Mini course


Start #SEOwning your SEO in this speedy, easy training

Swap imposter syndrome for a killer sound, rockin' copy and a client experience that connects (and sells)

Ready to uncover what makes your brand an unforgettable original? To stop pining over competitors and wishing you were doing what they're doing? 

Here's how you strategically turn up as you, still be taken seriously and confidently write concise copy that sets you apart with messaging that puts 'you' and 'expert' in the same room.

Readcity's Signature Course

Craft a showstopping brand without selling out as someone you're not



You don't wanna spend 5 years taking the long route to psychology-backed, personality-packed copy. No. You don't even wanna take the long route to your local gig. 

So I've poured my uni/training/lived findings and copy juice into a coupla' neat bottles to help you rock your copy solo.

When I'm not practising the Hokey Pokey, I'm finessing my brew of copy #skills

Hey, I'm Dan

Meet your brand's copy
tour manager

“Okay, so you inspired me to redesign my offboarding. People are actually doing my feedback form!”

"These templates make it easy to really stand out in your communication with clients, extend the creative experience from the first enquiry to project wrap up!”"

Alana Paulin, Canvast Co

"I'm so glad I took the opportunity to take this course and learn from you. The course is so easy to follow along and understand. Thanks again Dan, you are amazing! x"

SEO for Beginners



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Kristy Gray, Astrologer

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Hey, I'm Dan