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Killer words

To entice dream clients: there’s no devilish elixir, irresistible sip or mysterious powder (I checked). But there *is* a secret melody to creating lasting impact that:

Becoming your industry’s go-to rock star with a killer cult following doesn’t just happen

The truth is:

Rocks your originality front and centre

Pours in memorability for longevity

Captivates through sciencey strategy

Reaches more of the *right* people

Helps you turn up as the real you 

I love words. Like chicken wings love ranch. Like disco balls love dance. Like old people love having dinner at 4pm and weird tea towels. That kind of love.

When I'm not sneaking into dive bars and kissing kittens, helping ambitious business owners rock personality-packed conversion copy is what I do

Brand voice strategist
+ launch copywriter

I’m Dan –

Hey rock star,

Meet your copy tour manager

By accident, I'd aligned with everything that was already out there. Fallen into doing what I *thought* I was supposed to do to succeed (at the time, I'd grown a 5-person agency). 

When in reality, the faceless brand felt cold. The corporate wording sounded confusing. The whole shebang was forgettable. 

I decided to lean into one of my fave things – music, and began recruiting and working with bands, radio stations and festivals. But most bands didn't know what a copywriter was, so all my time would be spent educating. Back to the Sharpie board.

I was blending in faster than a pair of leather pants at a KISS concert.

In 2017, I silently tip-toed Readcity Writing out of a cupboard after a psychology degree, Acquired Brain Injury Specialist job and failed Uber career (don't ask). 

Readcity became a corporate-looking-cardboard flavoured brand. I had this idea that to be seen as pRoFeSsIoNaL, I also had to sound like a textbook. Look picture-perfect. And be a same-same-but-different variation of other successful businesses.

For every photoshoot, I bought new clothes to complete this very-not-me persona. I said 'we' when really I was an 'I'. I became a faceless brand when the client process was actually super connected. And before long, I'd morphed into someone I wasn't to try and be taken serious. It was damn exhausting!

Once upon a time, Readcity's look 'n feel was a forgettable bin fire

The Readcity RockTale

The 6547th photo like this on the internet

Real life footage of Readcity in the early days


(Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse)

Today i help ambitious business rock stars like you knee-slide killer words under the spotlight. from sound (voice) to stage (website) and stadium (launch)

I went from booking clients here and there to consistently being booked months in advance. Dream clients started enquiring (when I had no idea they even knew my name!). I even won a coupla' awards and was invited onto interviews after making the switcheroo. 

I had finally accepted that turning up as me was enough. Writing came easier, I stood out, and it felt so damn good to have no more pretendin' up in here.

So, I took a terrifying leap. And lifted the curtain on rock-music-obsessed-laid-back-language-lovin' me. My kittens. Drums and AC/DC forever life. Did it pay off? Yep! Within a matter of months, my business grew faster than ever before. 

The more trap doors I looked under, the more I discovered. 

While many brands rock killer offers, they struggle to get their original message outta the greenroom and onto the stage.

Despite skill, talent, passion and vision – sooo many brands didn't have 'memorable sound' in their dressing room. And they had no idea how the hell to uncover it (or where to even start).


Like a lightning bolt to the temple, 

To confidently knee-slide under the spotlight, belt out our original tunes and captivate crowds, then stage-dive into a sea of raving fans?

it hit me

I'm always on the lookout for epic people to join Readcity's backstage team. We offer a 100% remote, inclusive work environment where you can rock up as yourself


Road Crew

Rock stage-worthy threads like crops, lobe-danglers and tees with your name on 'em 



Rock your own copy with copy quizzes, challenges and courses via The School of Rockin' Copy 

Vocal warmups


Get back to what sets your heart ablaze while I write your personality-packed, psychology-backed course launch copy


Launch copy

Use conversion-ready web words to build your brand's authority, increase likelihood of SEO results and lure in rockin' leads 

Opening Act

Website words

Let's uncover what makes you *you*, create your original beat and apply it to language that positions your brand as outta this world

Bar band

Brand voice

"I want a memorable sound."

"I want a killer stage"

"I want a flamin' launch"

"I want to rock words myself"

"I want to look like a rock star"

"I want to work for Readcity"

let's jam




“You have no personality.” If someone says it about you, it’s an insult. If they say it about your brand? Red alert. Not only do the human elements of your brand create a closer connection with dream peeps, they help build an unforgettable experience that rocks.




Supercharge your brand with psychology-led copy that gets dream peeps noddin’ along, works to drive conversions into the sunset and wins over killer clients by the time they hit your contact button. Coz they already know that you *get* them.






Ever fallen through the trap door of soundin’ like what you’re SuPpOsEd to sound like? Because same. Let’s lift the curtain on what actually makes you a rockin’ original, then use it to fuel ultimate stage presence with your most authentic sound, that feels so damn you. Our detailed onbloarding experience squeezes out all the juicy thangs that make you you, then applies it to a rockin' voice guide


Who are we kidding. Roxy is a pseudonym for my mum. My mum wraps your gifts. There, I said it. I type a little note for your parcel, then mum handwrites it and ships it to you. She also pretty much demanded I don't put her on my website. So here is a photo of someone else who has probably also wrapped gifts at some point in their life. You're welcome.

Head of winking


Brit runs her laser beam eyes over everything before Renegades receive their final copy. Spelling bee champ turned lawyer and karaoke addict. Has a cat named Choux and roller skates a lot. Brit's also a clever little coconut, who's designed some Readcity Christmas gifts.

Stagehand and proofreader


My last name's Read. Not reed. Like a weird piece of grass. Read, like "read me a book," which was actually my first ever spoken sentence. Lucky my last name wasn't Blanket. Because Blanketcity really would make no sense for a copywriting business. 

Founder and copywriter


Meet the Backstage ROAD crew

I'm your number one fan, here every stop of your business road trip.

Ever worked with a creative who's kinda left you in the dark? Me too. That's why I make sure you always know what's coming next and when.  I'll probably send you weird little links and things that remind me of you or think you'll find useful long after our project's finito.


Ideas amplify when noggin sparkles unite. 

Creativity remains a constant rhythm runnin' alongside strategy throughout our time rockin' together. In words, mock graphics, new concepts, messaging and experiences together. 


We strive to bring joy to your life and project.

Business need not be boring. Your copy rockin' comes with a keg full o' good times and many giggles. I will probably call you Angel Kitten at some point and I'm not sorry.



A cat-loving, U2 despising brand voice strategist and launch copywriter for rebellious business rock stars.

Hey, I'm Dan