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Here to guide your business road trip through each wordy stage as you grow.

Together, you and I become an unstoppable duo. We uncover your brand’s originality, rock it through SEO and conversion-optimised copy, then ride off into the sunset with a couple of margaritas and extra good grooves for your killer launch. And remember: what happens on the road, stays on the road.

Killer copywriting for ambitious business rock stars

Consider me your band's brand's copy tour manager 

Got a craving that only amplified ROI can satisfy?

Ready to captivate the right peeps to enquire?

Wanna create an original personality?

Your beat (voice) on stage (website) and sellin' out stadiums (launch)

Let's find killer words for your brand as easily as 

a bass 

PLAYER finds excuses for a break

The place where psychology, personality + conversion copy meet for a bev


Sparkle your noggin with me

Finally tick off that copy task holding you back (like choosing a name or tagline for your course, services or biz)

Revise existing copy to make it punchy, up its on-brand antics or make tweaks to your website to make it conversion-ready

Skip the queue and get priority access to my noggin in Noggin Sparkler Sessions and reviews of your work in Copy Rockin' Consults

Bounce around ideas like a beach ball in a mosh pit to uncover key copy tweaks, tasks or treasures to take with you moving forward

Noggin Sparklin' is how you:

Ready to jazz up existing copy? Wanna explore key themes you’re already rockin’? Sometimes all it takes is a second pair of peepers to dust off the stage and find little treasures hiding under trap doors. The Noggin Sparkler Sesh is a quick, 60-minute 1:1 with me to check out what you’re shakin’ and review your copy or stage-dive into one area, like naming or content mapping. Or opt for a Copy Rockin' Consult, where over 4 hours, we work through your copy in real time, or strategise for 2 hours and I leave comments on your doc with suggestions.

For extra brain juices while you DIY your copy



Belt out a killer tune from

Compete with the big guys and be seen as your industry's memorable go-to

Become unshakeably recognisable while showin' up as the real you to engage dream clients

Write more quickly with a clear direction and out of this world personality that just feels right

Communicate your difference, so dream peeps *get* you and you can rock a cohesive brand experience

Brand voice guides help ya:

Lemme guess. After a coupla' years in biz, you've mastered your craft, service and drumroll-worthy offer. Sure, you get the gist of your brand's sound. Because its "all up here" *taps noggin*. BUT when it comes to your brand’s personality? You feel like someone’s *Zzzrouwww* turned out the lights. Every time you go to write a social caption, email or secret love note – the words feel like the floor of a mosh pit. AKA soggy, scrambled and hard to scrape together. 

Perfect for peeps 1-2 years into biz or rebranding who wanna stand the flip out



Rock a flamin' online stage from

Solidify your position in the market, grow brand authority and captivate dream peeps across your home, about, services and sales pages

Rock a stage that educates, entertains and engages dream peeps, so once they get in touch they're already raving fans

Work towards reaching more of the right people, getting into their brains and solving problems they can't wait to get their mitts on

Have someone ask ya the right questions, sift through the shrapnel, sift out the gold and moosh it together to sound interesting

SEO website copy is how you:

You've articulated your killer sound (or are ready to). Rockin' brand: check. Dream clients on your radar? You know it. But your brand experience and website visits-to-conversion rates could do with some goddamn juice. You kinda cringe when people visit your website and worry that if your site doesn't start twinking its fingers, getting future fans noddin' along and clickin' enquire... winning dream peeps over will take more heavy lifting than Arnie in his heyday. And you're too damn busy for that. 

For businesses in growth mode ready to captivate and convert



Amp up your digital product launch from:

Guiding your potential student or customer's purchase decision-making and shining a strategic spotlight on your offer's difference across your sales page, emails and social posts

Avoiding the inevitable last-minute scramble and keeping your sanity while rockin' original, memorable and conversion-ready copy

Potentially selling out in 24 hours or bringin' in a 1900% ROI like other Readcity Renegades have 

Getting back truckloads of time to spend nurturing your audience, answering potential students' answers and polishing that product

Launch copy is your answer to:

You're at capacity, ready to stop trading time for dollars (or have already started) and busier than Mick Jagger at a Rolling Stones Convention. Digital products and courses sound like happy hour on repeat. But you know that hitting 'publish' on a sales page then poppin' a post or two on sales is the equivalent of playing a few ditties on your guitar, in a soundproof greenroom – then keeping an ear open for a packed stadium's crowd to roar for you. Yet, there's no way in hell you have the days or weeks to strategise and write ALL your sales and launch copy. Not today, Satan. 

For business owners launching or relaunching digital products who have big goals to hit. Snag a Package or BYO (build your own)


Request your personalised proposal

"I want a stage tour!"

Heads up, Rock Star: other copy rockin' services like voice guides for your team, SEO web copy for different pages and blog posts also exist! Reach out and receive your personalised proposal ASAP! 

I get to work rockin' your copy, deliver it with a video runthrough, you leave your feedback for two rounds of edits and the lot's sent off for proofreadin' before sign off


We meet via Zoom, I ask you a bunch of kooky yet important questions, you ask me anything you want and maybe meet my cats


Pay your deposit to secure your chosen date (payment plans available), receive a meeting scheduler and questions to answer ahead of our first strategy sesh


Receive a proposal, my next available date, payment plan options and our contract


Answer some rockin' questions


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The road trip

I'm a psychological science graduate and acquired brain injury specialist turned full-time word jigger. It's of my belief that every original, memorable brand must have a killer brand voice in their backstage greenroom. This is how we craft captivating, conversion-ready website and launch copy worth shoutin' about. 

Wanna rock original lyrics, rhythm and conversion-ready messages like a catchy riff that leads dream peeps straight to you?

My hair changes often. But my love for rockin' your copy does not. 

Hey, I'm Dan

Meet your brand copy
tour manager

Gabrielle Merite

"I was, and still am, delighted with the quality of Dan's work. Her work was perfect, on-point and included top-notch techniques and examples. I would've spent double here in the USA and received half the quality!"

Data Visualiser For The UN

Leanne Webber 

"I found myself nodding along from the first draft and wondering how she managed to pull all the blabber out of my head and put it together so eloquently!"

Co-Founder Of Webbernet And BravoBallot, Founder Of The Founders Team And Personal Brand

Epic WA Disability support Services CEO

"Dan was a delight to work with. A true professional with great skills who is great to work with."

Stephanie Soter


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A cat-loving, U2 despising brand voice strategist and launch copywriter for rebellious business rock stars.

Hey, I'm Dan