We all know the importance of a consistent brand voice – and that this doesn’t end with your voicemail greeting. Giving your business emails personality is something that every head honcho should be executing perfectly. But one thing’s standing in the way. There’s no questioning it – sending emails gobbles up precious time. And […]

5 Clever Ways To Give Your Business Emails Personality


In case you're curious, I have a background in psychology, creative and technical writing. In a past life, I was an Acquired Brain Injury Specialist and failed my career as an Uber Driver. Now we're here. Well, we've been here since 2017 (I mean not 'here' here, but you know what I mean). Have a peek around handy articles right here. Not 'here' here, up there above here. Okay I'll stop. 

But you can call me llama mama ding dong if you like

Hey, I'm Dan

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A cat-loving, U2 despising brand voice strategist and launch copywriter for rebellious business rock stars.

Hey, I'm Dan