Busting Marketing Myths Welcome to our latest series, where we’ll be busting marketing myths over two action-packed article-sodes (totally a word). Think: Mythbusters, the show, without the explosions and bad hats. We’ll uncover the truth behind marketing assumptions, while you simultaneously make more effective digital marketing decisions. Can I get a “yas, queen!”? Ready for our […]

Marketing Myths Busted Series: If You Build It They Will Come


Want to know the biggest reason why your business needs a blog? Well, when you have a problem and you want an answer fast, where do you go? Google.  And what’s on Google? Predominantly blogs, duh!  So when business owners say that blogs are for bored mums and DIY craft lovers, we do have a […]

Why Your Business Needs A Blog



Structuring your 2019 Marketing Strategy doesn’t have to be an aneurysm-inducing task, trust us. If you’re anything like us, new years resolutions and plans can sometimes make their way down the gurgler along with the last of your Nutrigrain. The first part of the yeat has come and gone as quickly as the holographic trend […]

Structuring Your 2019 Marketing Strategy


Outsourcing can really work to your advantage when it comes to freeing up your valuable resources (i.e. mental space, basic routines and getting stuff done).  Running a business takes a lot of guts, oomph, time, energy, sweat and tears – but you already know this!  So why not hand the reigns of your most tedious […]

8 Jobs You Can Outsource To Reduce Your Workload

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In case you're curious, I have a background in psychology, creative and technical writing. In a past life, I was an Acquired Brain Injury Specialist and failed my career as an Uber Driver. Now we're here. Well, we've been here since 2017 (I mean not 'here' here, but you know what I mean). Have a peek around handy articles right here. Not 'here' here, up there above here. Okay I'll stop. 

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A cat-loving, U2 despising brand voice strategist and launch copywriter for rebellious business rock stars.

Hey, I'm Dan