Structuring Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

So, 2017 has come and gone.  How quickly?  About as quickly as the holographic trend (no shade, we love holo).  But now 2018 is knocking on the door and you are yet to tackle your 2018 marketing strategy. Don't worry, gal.  We've got you.  Better yet, we're going to show you how to map out… Continue reading Structuring Your 2018 Marketing Strategy


Is Instagram Changing The Grid Game?

Rumours.  Unlike the fabulous Fleetwood Mac Album, these never seem to lead to anything good. And just like the end of the world, a change up on Instagram is apparently near (or so we think).  This follows a terribly troubling instance where some Instagram users saw their grid presented in four by four format which… Continue reading Is Instagram Changing The Grid Game?

8 Jobs You Can Outsource To Reduce Your Workload

Outsourcing can really work to your advantage when it comes to freeing up your valuable resources (i.e. mental space, basic routines and getting stuff done).  Running a business takes a lot of guts, oomph, time, energy, sweat and tears - but you already know this!  So why not hand the reigns of your most tedious… Continue reading 8 Jobs You Can Outsource To Reduce Your Workload

Instagram Hacks For Small Business Owners

Readcity Instagram Info

Instagram is a ridiculously clever marketing tool for any small business.  So how are you using it to your advantage? We reached out to our readers and discovered that while you're all pretty savvy on the 'gram, you want to learn more! Here we'll answer some of your trickiest questions and get to the bottom… Continue reading Instagram Hacks For Small Business Owners