Emilia Lorena: The Pocket Rockstar & Macrame Queen

As a self-confessed Nanna and inspiring artist, Emilia Lorena is one helluva go-getter.  Having migrated to the Gold Coast from Sydney, Emilia's new home is grunge haven Mo's Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh.  Hosting gigs & workshops under the roof of Mo's has been a dream come true.  As one-third of the Mo gang, Emilia has… Continue reading Emilia Lorena: The Pocket Rockstar & Macrame Queen


Mel Carrero, The Chubby Fashionista Founder and SPELL Superstar

Mel Carrero Readcity Interview

Initially a creative outlet, Mel Carrero's passion for styling and capturing fashion began with a friend's borrowed SLR camera.  Weaving an intriguing story of entrepreneurial exploration, opening doors and relishing in opportunities, Mel's career has boomed since the early days.  Founding The Chubby Fashionista, Mel has since become a member of the Spell team in… Continue reading Mel Carrero, The Chubby Fashionista Founder and SPELL Superstar

Can Afterpay Benefit Your Online Store?

afterpay readcity

Adding to the stereotypical 'we want it, and we want it now' attitude of today's buyers, Afterpay is fuelling the fire of consumption.  But can Afterpay benefit your online store and are there any risks involved?  Here we outline all you need to know about Afterpay as a small business owner. What is Afterpay? Initially… Continue reading Can Afterpay Benefit Your Online Store?

Cupcakes and Creativity With Nessa Presta of Sugar Mommas Cakes and Pastries

Nessa Presta invited me into her Melbourne home on a frosty winter's afternoon in June. The sweet scent of vanilla lingered in the air as I stepped out of the freezing Victorian chill and into Nessa's humble abode.  Having not met before, we both nervously giggled about hopefully not being catfished and sat at a… Continue reading Cupcakes and Creativity With Nessa Presta of Sugar Mommas Cakes and Pastries

Five Wardrobe Staples For Every Businesswoman

On some mornings pushing your hair into a messy bun, shimmying into an old shrunken dress and throwing on a pair of tired lace ups feels like the only option. With mouths to feed and kids to dress, it’s easy to put your business look on the back burner. But what if we told you… Continue reading Five Wardrobe Staples For Every Businesswoman

Instagram Hacks For Small Business Owners

Readcity Instagram Info

Instagram is a ridiculously clever marketing tool for any small business.  So how are you using it to your advantage? We reached out to our readers and discovered that while you're all pretty savvy on the 'gram, you want to learn more! Here we'll answer some of your trickiest questions and get to the bottom… Continue reading Instagram Hacks For Small Business Owners