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Turning your cogs about the inner workings of brand personality? I like your style. Y’know, brains and brands aren’t too dissimilar. In fact, the way our brains view brands is much like interacting with a real life person. So it makes sense that beyond the informative, valuable and down right mind-blowing business content you share… […]

3 Things My Psychology Degree Taught Me About Brand Personality


Ah, the digital age. The Age of Aquarius. The roaring twenties of the new millennium. We’re living in a time when technology is so fast-paced that not even Marty McFly and Doc Brown could keep up. So, you may be wondering why blogging is important in 2022?  Or should you replace that sucker with a podcast?  Good […]

Should you Swap your Blog for a Podcast in 2022?

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microphone on background with words describing why blogging is important in 2022

Nobody wants to seem salesy. You know the type…greasy-slicked-back-hair-sporting car salesman, circa 1980s, with the beige wide leg slacks and the hunger for commission. You don’t even want to blink in fear that he’ll take it as a ‘yes’ and run your credit card before you can say “hair gel”. Salesy is the *opposite* of […]

3 Ways to Encourage Dream Customers to Buy (without seeming salesy)

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Salesman crossed out he is wearing a suit and glasses

“You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing an amp.” Here for good times. Good tunes. And even better groovin’ moves. Designed by the rock stars at Digital Bloom and screen printed by Lismore printers, Nedlands Studio on a kitten-tail-level-soft AS Colour tee. Hand out earplugs when you’re wearing it for extra points. Turn the volume to 11 with The Amp Up Tee.



Who knew two everyday lobes could rock so goddamn hard. Yet, here we are. They’re sparkly. They’re golden. They’re for your lobes. Big Bolt Lobe Danglers. Light on the lobes. Heavy on the rockin’. *PRE-ORDER NOW for delivery July-Aug*

Big Bolt Lobe Danglers

Let’s be honest. Nothing in this world is quite as cute as a little baby bolt. A teeny-weeny oh-so-cutie. Little. Baby. Bolt. I mean, look at that thing (!!!). So cute and so baby. The Baby Bolt Crop is here to add extra WAPOW to your step. But not in an ‘in your face’ kind of way, you know? More like ‘oOoOo I am wearing a little baby bolt’ kind of WAPOW.  And get this, the bolt is embroidered by local legends SunPrints in Brissie. Yes! Like, not only will you have a baby bolt on your shirt, but also actually ~inside~ it. This is not witch craft. This is a Baby Bolt Crop.

Baby Bolt Crop

Baby Bolt Shirt Front

The Rewind Tour tee exists to celebrate killer business owners Readcity’s had the pleasure of rockin’ words for over the past 5 years. This bad boy’s printed by Lismore screenprinter Nedlands Studio, designed by Digital Bloom and calls a high quality AS Colour tee home. Rock it like you stole it.

Rewind Tour Tee SOLD OUT

A rockin’ set list of enquiry, follow up, venue pitching, review and payment requests, as well as long and short bio templates (ft. examples) so you can skip spending hours behind the keys, yet make potential bookers’ minds explode. Simply copy, paste and add a few deets – then use over and over, forever.*


*Forever use exclusively available to robots who will outlive us all and rule the world. Probably.

Email Templates for Bands

In case you're curious, I have a background in psychology, creative and technical writing. In a past life, I was an Acquired Brain Injury Specialist and failed my career as an Uber Driver. Now we're here. Well, we've been here since 2017 (I mean not 'here' here, but you know what I mean). Have a peek around handy articles right here. Not 'here' here, up there above here. Okay I'll stop. 

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