Wanna pop your peepers on conversational brand voice examples that deliver the goods? Raise your horns and delve inside the land of conversational brands that just get it.  (And no, a conversational brand voice here in Australia isn’t code for uNpRoFeSsIoNal. It’s actually a killer way to build a closer, more trusting relationship with your […]

3 Killer Conversational Brand Voice Examples


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Turning your cogs about the inner workings of brand personality? I like your style. Y’know, brains and brands aren’t too dissimilar. In fact, the way our brains view brands is much like interacting with a real life person. So it makes sense that beyond the informative, valuable and down right mind-blowing business content you share… […]

3 Things My Psychology Degree Taught Me About Brand Personality


Ah, the digital age. The Age of Aquarius. The roaring twenties of the new millennium. We’re living in a time when technology is so fast-paced that not even Marty McFly and Doc Brown could keep up. So, you may be wondering why blogging is important in 2022?  Or should you replace that sucker with a podcast?  Good […]

Should you Swap your Blog for a Podcast in 2022?

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microphone on background with words describing why blogging is important in 2022

Nobody wants to seem salesy. You know the type…greasy-slicked-back-hair-sporting car salesman, circa 1980s, with the beige wide leg slacks and the hunger for commission. You don’t even want to blink in fear that he’ll take it as a ‘yes’ and run your credit card before you can say “hair gel”. Salesy is the *opposite* of […]

3 Ways to Encourage Dream Customers to Buy (without seeming salesy)

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It can be easy-squeezy to look at brands with personality and think: ‘how did that fluke all that charm?’ But the truth is, creating a personality-packed brand comes down to a series of very intentional steps. Jennifer Aaker puts this down to Five Dimensions. Competence, ruggedness, sophistication, excitement and sincerity. While Matt Ellis at 99 Designs […]

3 Brands with Personality

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Brand Personality banner with Disco ball mock

When you’re looking up how to SEO your website, it’s kinda a terrifiying. Okay, it’s *reeeeeally* terrifying. First, you’re kinda sceptical of the “improve your SEO in 30 minutes!” posts. But you also don’t have giant (noodle boxes) of time. So instead of procrastinating (or procrasto-eating eating noodles amiright?). I wanna show you a little […]

How To SEO Your Website So It’s A Band


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When I start chortling about SEO I’m usually met with glazed eyes, yawns and changed subjects. I get it. SEO can be boring. Strategic. And this huge beast that doesn’t make any sense. (I’m working on changing that, BTW. Stay tuned for juicy stuff on the way). For me, SEO has been a huge game […]

6 Ways SEO Has Helped My Business


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Your business seriously rules *blushes* – so it’s no wonder you wanna help it rock (kudos to you). Whether you’ve: A. Just started out in the land of biz and wanna get clear on the best ways to market it Or… B. Slayed socials, built your mailing list and have a steady influx of rockin’ […]

3 Epic Ways SEO Can Help Your Business


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SEO mistakes are like disco cakes. Easy to make, hard to swallow. Here’s what’s up: It’s not your first ring around a rosie. So you’re kinda intrigued to know what the 7 deadly SEO sins are. Here’s your run-down of SEO mistakes and how to avoid them like the plague.  Lust Writing about flamin’ hot […]

7 Deadly SEO Sins | SEO Mistakes To Avoid


Let me guess: You’ve secured a domain, written a jazzy about page, even listed your rockin’ products or services. But your website traffic’s a little ho-hum and it’s starting to grind your gears. Whether you’ve had your website for 10 days or 10 years, you’re here for a reason. Because you know that to increase […]

5 Ways To Increase Website Traffic


Increase Website Traffic Tips

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