Emilia Lorena: The Pocket Rockstar & Macrame Queen

As a self-confessed Nanna and inspiring artist, Emilia Lorena is one helluva go-getter.  Having migrated to the Gold Coast from Sydney, Emilia's new home is grunge haven Mo's Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh.  Hosting gigs & workshops under the roof of Mo's has been a dream come true.  As one-third of the Mo gang, Emilia has… Continue reading Emilia Lorena: The Pocket Rockstar & Macrame Queen


Is Instagram Changing The Grid Game?

Rumours.  Unlike the fabulous Fleetwood Mac Album, these never seem to lead to anything good. And just like the end of the world, a change up on Instagram is apparently near (or so we think).  This follows a terribly troubling instance where some Instagram users saw their grid presented in four by four format which… Continue reading Is Instagram Changing The Grid Game?

Passionate, Powerful & Pretty Fab: Rosie Van of R Van Films

Cocktails in the sun, weekend getaways and a lucrative filming business.  It appears that Rosie Van has it all.  And when we look a little closer, it is quickly apparent that she does!  Bubbly, bright and bursting with vibrancy, did we mention that Rosie is a powerfully determined, self made businesswoman?  Building an online following of… Continue reading Passionate, Powerful & Pretty Fab: Rosie Van of R Van Films

Get Stuff Done Playlist

Get Stuff Done Playlist

Personally, I don't listen to music when I work.  Unless the repetitive squawk of a crow outside my window counts (how very poetic). But pumping up to get work done is a favourite pastime of mine and can really get those creative juices flowing, ya know? Here's my get stuff done playlist that grooves me… Continue reading Get Stuff Done Playlist

Language Development & The Uprise of Emojis

Language Development and Emojis

Writing, of course, is a crucial element of communication.  It is our go-to for information, entertainment, relaxation and brushing up on our skills.  For these reasons, and an abundant more, you would think that both speaking and writing through history, would go hand in hand. This is not the case. Surprisingly, the introduction of writing… Continue reading Language Development & The Uprise of Emojis

Time Saving Business Tips

Time Saving Business Tips

A common issue we find with business tips are that they're not actually useful.  There, we said it.  With copious articles covering business tips to help assist you with climbing the corporate ladder, investing in large quantities of overseas products and 'how to make connections on Linkedin,' you may have just about given up on… Continue reading Time Saving Business Tips

Mel Carrero, The Chubby Fashionista Founder and SPELL Superstar

Mel Carrero Readcity Interview

Initially a creative outlet, Mel Carrero's passion for styling and capturing fashion began with a friend's borrowed SLR camera.  Weaving an intriguing story of entrepreneurial exploration, opening doors and relishing in opportunities, Mel's career has boomed since the early days.  Founding The Chubby Fashionista, Mel has since become a member of the Spell team in… Continue reading Mel Carrero, The Chubby Fashionista Founder and SPELL Superstar