FACT: Brand personality, voice and tone all live on a confusingly close frequency. Especially if they’re not terms you use on the reg’. Are they all important? Darn tootin’! And brand personality? It’s a huge part of your brand’s identity. Flamin’ hot tip: It doesn’t matter how many social followers you have, or how much […]

Brand Personality: Where Does it Sit with Voice and Tone?

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Copywriting mistakes. Ahh, those sly dawgs. They slip through the cracks. And before you know it, you’re hosting one helluva wordy-faux-pas-party. If you DIY your copy, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Maybe you’d been writing for robots before you saw a beauty brand call you ‘sexy minx.’ And at that moment realised you’d been […]

3 Common Copywriting Mistakes You Might Be Making

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Copywriting Mistakes

Every now and again, I come across a killer brand voice example that glazes my eyes with stars. Whether it’s a personality larger than Bon Jovi’s 80’s hair, the wit of a half-sozzled uncle, or in this case – ultimate creep factor. To be honest, these stellar brand voice examples are few and far between. […]

Creepy-Cool Brand Voice Example: Fugglers

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Fugglers Brand Voice Showcase

  It’s easy to use terms interchangeably, without knowing what they really mean. Like crocodile and alligator, affect and effect, isle and aisle. Brand identity and brand image are in the same boat. They’re the Olsen twins of business (fraternal, not identical). They might boogie to a similar beat, but they’re not interchangeable. Image and […]

Brand Identity and Brand Image: Spot the Difference


As a savvy business owner working with words, you’ve probably asked yourself: ‘what’s the difference between content writing and copywriting?’ Frankly, they sound pretty much the same and, unless you’re a writer by trade, it might seem like they are the same. But the thing is, content writing and copywriting couldn’t be more different. Sure, […]

What’s The Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting?


What's the difference between content writing and copywriting?

  Like any thriving business buff, you’re looking for ways to grow – and blogging for business is one helluva tool. Blogs can be weapons of mass creation, an outlet for sheer genius. It’s seen time after time that a blog is one of the most stellar online business strategies out there. Blogging for business […]

5 Benefits of Blogging for Business


Benefits of blogging for business

As a copywriter myself, I’m often asked ‘what does a copywriter do?’ Seriously. Just last weekend, my partner and I road tripped to a nearby town (Murwillumbah) to see some friends and watch them play a gig (excellent).   And as we lounged on the back deck of our one-nighter hotel overlooking gum blossoms and […]

What does a copywriter do?

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Building a brand personality from scratch can feel near impossible. Just like a triple Big Mac with all the trimmings and extra cheesy goodness melting from the sides – ‘where do you start?’  Today I’m bringing you 3 brand personality examples to inspire your own. Why Does Brand Personality Matter? Sure, we can all go […]

3 Brand Personality Examples to Obsess Over


    Clare Wood launched her Business Coaching business after she was made redundant while on maternity leave. Sheesh! As a natural nurturer, yet wildly driven, Clare “fell madly in love with helping Entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.” Having met Clare at a recent networking event, I can see exactly why her […]

Business Coach Clare Wood Chats Business Building

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  Have you ever whispered to yourself in a dark corner – ‘what is microcopy?’ Perhaps you’re up with the lingo, but want to take your brand’s microcopy to the next level. Either way you’re in luck. Here we’ll run you through exactly what microcopy is, how to use it and our top picks for […]

What is Microcopy? Plus Top Examples of Brands Killing It


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