Top 5 Inspiring Business Women 2017

TOP 5 inspiring business women

Yeah, okay, we're getting in a bit early.  But we just had to share our top 5 inspiring business women with you for 2017 right NOW because we couldn't possibly hold it in any longer. We are completely in awe of these powerful ladies conquering the world with their new business ventures and continuing to… Continue reading Top 5 Inspiring Business Women 2017


What You Need To Know About Social Media Influencers

Readcity Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers are your BFF when you're looking to take the next step towards gaining more exposure on your digital channels.  But many of our clients quickly become perplexed when we suggest to include approaching one as part of their digital marketing strategy.  We're here to demystify the process so that you can team… Continue reading What You Need To Know About Social Media Influencers

Emilia Lorena: The Pocket Rockstar & Macrame Queen

As a self-confessed Nanna and inspiring artist, Emilia Lorena is one helluva go-getter.  Having migrated to the Gold Coast from Sydney, Emilia's new home is grunge haven Mo's Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh.  Hosting gigs & workshops under the roof of Mo's has been a dream come true.  As one-third of the Mo gang, Emilia has… Continue reading Emilia Lorena: The Pocket Rockstar & Macrame Queen

Caroline (Caz) Moriatry of The Gypsy and The Officer discusses her fashion & accessory business as well as a longing for Scotland…

At Readcity HQ, we're bigtime lovers of keeping our purchases local.  That's why our Gold Coast businesses are where we go when trawling online stores, which, uh, totally counts as research.  Too quickly we've fallen in love with The Gypsy and The Officer for their eclectic collections of beautiful garments and accessories - and even… Continue reading Caroline (Caz) Moriatry of The Gypsy and The Officer discusses her fashion & accessory business as well as a longing for Scotland…

8 Jobs You Can Outsource To Reduce Your Workload

Outsourcing can really work to your advantage when it comes to freeing up your valuable resources (i.e. mental space, basic routines and getting stuff done).  Running a business takes a lot of guts, oomph, time, energy, sweat and tears - but you already know this!  So why not hand the reigns of your most tedious… Continue reading 8 Jobs You Can Outsource To Reduce Your Workload

Five Wardrobe Staples For Every Businesswoman

On some mornings pushing your hair into a messy bun, shimmying into an old shrunken dress and throwing on a pair of tired lace ups feels like the only option. With mouths to feed and kids to dress, it’s easy to put your business look on the back burner. But what if we told you… Continue reading Five Wardrobe Staples For Every Businesswoman

Instagram Hacks For Small Business Owners

Readcity Instagram Info

Instagram is a ridiculously clever marketing tool for any small business.  So how are you using it to your advantage? We reached out to our readers and discovered that while you're all pretty savvy on the 'gram, you want to learn more! Here we'll answer some of your trickiest questions and get to the bottom… Continue reading Instagram Hacks For Small Business Owners